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Massachusetts has some of the toughest firearm and weapon laws in the United States. A person charged with a Massachusetts gun law violation can expect to be subjected to an aggressive prosecution by government lawyers specifically trained to try firearms violations.


A person convicted of a violation of Massachusetts gun laws can expect stiff punishment including a minimum mandatory sentence of 18 months for unlawful possession of a firearm or gun outside the home. If you receive federal or state benefits as a result of your service in the military or other occupation, a conviction for violating the gun laws could terminate your pension benefits.


If you are not a citizen of the United States, you could be deported. You also may be disqualified for many jobs and professions. In short, the consequences for weapons related convictions are life changing, and you need an experienced zealous attorney to preserve your rights and your life.


If you have been charged with a gun or weapon violation in Boston or anywhere else in Massachusetts, it is crucial to retain a knowledgeable and experienced firearms and weapons violation attorney right away to represent you at every stage of your case.

Only an experienced criminal defense lawyer who knows the ins and outs of the Massachusetts laws about guns, and also knows all the Constitutional protections the police have to abide by, can represent your interests effectively.]

If you have been arrested and charged with a Massachusetts firearm or weapon violation, you have a very important decision to make about hiring the right lawyer. Failure to do so can lead to disastrous consequences including loss of your freedom, heavy fines or loss of gun rights. It is of the utmost importance to hire an attorney with broad knowledge and experience in this area.

The criminal defense lawyers at the Law Offices of Susan M. Costa, P.C. have more than a decade of experience litigating major cases. Attorney Costa represents people accused of crimes from communities all across Massachusetts, including the Greater Boston area. Named a rising star by Super Lawyers, she has emerged as a top criminal defense lawyer in Massachusetts earning her reputation the old fashioned way: winning one case at a time. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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